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Summer Kitchen Pack

Summer Kitchen Pack
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Masienda x Railsback Frères 

Summer Kitchen Pack

While Railsback Frères draws much inspiration from Provençe, Corsica, and the Vallée du Rhône, our wines taste undeniably of California and the unique coastal terroir of the Santa Ynez Valley.

Likewise, in the kitchen we often experiment with Elizabeth David or Richard Olney-inspired French classics, but even more often than this, we are eating something delicious wrapped up in a tortilla. Our great-grandfather was an early California grape grower and prior to 1846 our home State was still a part of Mexico. Some of my earliest food memories involve our Mom’s chicken enchiladas, and after our years working in restaurants I am always on the lookout for the best taco truck whenever I’m traveling to sell our wines. When I’m lucky to have a night cooking at home with family, one of my very favorites is making guacamole in a molcajete, to be served with homemade tortillas. This upgrade from store-bought tortillas to homemade is huge, and it’s hard to go back once you’ve taken the plunge. 

After tracking down the “best tortilla press” that Masienda imports from Doña Rosa, and making tortillas with their “Third Wave” masa, the upgrade is even more precipitous. The team at Masienda partners with hundreds of traditional farmers in the Central Valleys of Oaxaca, the heartland of Mexico’s maíz criollo production, sourcing heirloom corn for Tortillas that are super flavorful, aromatic, and with greater nutrient density. 

They offer four types of Heirloom Corn, and also a stoneground, nixtamalized Masa Harina made from each different biotype. For this summer package with our mineral single-vineyard Vermentinu, and juicy carbonic Carignan, we chose the White Olotillo from Oaxaco, and the Blue Cónico from Estado de México.

We want to celebrate how perfectly our wines pair with the food of our region by putting together this summer bundle with two of our new releases, the “Grand Cru” of tortilla presses, and two types of the best Masa you’ve ever tasted.

We also will include some of our favorite recipes for you to try with them, two of which were generously provided by Enrique Olvera who owns the world-famous Pujol (in Mexico city, along with Criollo, Eno, two of our favorite restaurants in all of NYC, Cosme, and ATLA).


Included in our summer kitchen pack:

Doña Rosa Tortilla Press 

“The best tortilla press, period. It comes from the heart of Oaxaca’s Central de Abastos, where Doña Rosa has been selling her design to locals for longer than she can recall. Its pure heft and tight calibration make a range of tortilla thicknesses possible. We’re proud to be able to bring it stateside, so we can all benefit from Doña Rosa's genius.” - Masienda

White Heirloom Masa Harina, 2.2lb bag 

White Olotillo Corn from the coastal region of Oaxaca, makes 84 6-inch tortillas

Blue Heirloom Masa Harina, 2.2lb bag

Blue Cónico Corn is the go-to for tortillas in Oaxaca, Tlaxcala, and Estato de México, makes 84 6-inch tortillas 

Railsback Frères 2021 Vermentinu “Santa Ynez Vineyard”

Of our three single-vineyard Vermentinu, the SYV is the saltiest and briniest. We fermented in cement eggs and old barrels, creating a rounder texture that makes it the perfect dry white for fish tacos or fresh corn tamales.

Railsback Frères 2021 Le Carignan

Made from 100% Carignan, one of our most historic grapes in California, and fermented without SO2 (sulfur dioxide) in a partial carbonic method. We like to serve it chilled for easy backyard summer drinking.

Lyle and Eric’s favorite taco pairing recipes 

- Fresh herb guacamole (a combination of our two favorites: Olvera’s rendition at ATLA, and that of the legendary Diana Kennedy)

- Fresh corn tamales (generally eaten for breakfast in the Juchitán, served with fresh cream)

- Romeritos with mole (with thanks to Enrique Olvera, from his latest book, Tu Casa Mi Casa)


Tortilla press, masa, and wines, if purchased separately = $180.00 before shipping

Special Summer Kitchen Pack Offer = $144 (plus shipping)




NOTES ON PRESS: Powder coated in FDA-grade paint, Weight: 10.4lbs

Base Dimensions: 9.5” x 8.75”, presses tortillas up to 6.5” in diameter

These are handmade tortilla presses with subtle imperfections. Use caution when opening and closing the lid, minding its edges and corners, which can be sharp. Paint may wear in high-contact areas after extensive use. Handle with care.