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2022 Colony House Blanc

2022 Colony House Blanc
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/ 750ml bottle

Santa Ynez Valley is oriented east-west, channeling cool ocean breezes and sea fog eastwards. These climatic factors
keep the vineyards in the county's western reaches cool with a moderate climate, while the vineyards to the east
experience larger diurnal temperature variations as these cooling effects gradually dissipate.

Overall Santa Barbara County has a coastal climate with a long growing season, allowing the grapes extended hang
time to develop mature flavors and a much-valued balance of sugars and acids. This is something of a luxury at
such low latitudes (34.5 degrees north) and allows us to make balanced wines, unaffected by the high alcohol
content associated with warmer climates.

The cool climate also results in higher acidity, balancing the mature flavors of the grapes and increasing their aging
potential. Low rainfall also reduces the risk of the fruit spoiling and allows ripening to full potential.
Santa Barbara County's soils are just as diverse as its climate – from sandy, silt and clay loams, to diatomaceous
earth, to patches of limestone and chert. This unique blend of climate and soils creates ideal growing conditions for
a range of grape varieties, with Santa Barbara County producing some of the most sought-after wine grapes in

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